Monday, June 30, 2008

back on to business then

and we're back on the air
i was gonna post earlier, but i got busy what with blueserver and crappy internet and being too tired to think
so: onto the huge-ass gigantic list of blog topics
the 1st one really is not as nonsensical as the others, and personally i think that it shows my more philosphical side
its all about a quote which i came across in english
"Then wear the gold hat, if that will move her;if you can bounce high, bounce for her too,Till she cry "Lover, gold-hatted, high-bouncing lover,I must have you!" possibly my most favourite quote of all time, and the only worthwhile thing i've come across in VCE English Unit 1
i dont really know why i love that quote, but whenever i think about it, it gives me a nice feeling inside. gay? hell no. romantic? probably. awesome? hell yeah
to those ive explained the whole "what-comes-out-of-my-mouth" thing to, this is one of the few things which i consider to fall under that one 12th which comprises of what normal people talk like. in detail, its about a third of that 12th which is the deep stuff that i say. most of these moments seem really emo to me, although this quote is so totally un-emo, so yeah, its special to me.
in a very serious statement, i have a feeling that its gonna work its way into life-changing moments, i.e proposals, vows, wills and the such.
so yeah, i just realised how sad it is that i post a really serious thing(well, to me, anyways) on a blog online, then i, thats what everyone else does
good on ya for reading this-be thankful, because i dont think its longer that the last 2 posts
fare the well

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