Monday, June 30, 2008

back on to business then

and we're back on the air
i was gonna post earlier, but i got busy what with blueserver and crappy internet and being too tired to think
so: onto the huge-ass gigantic list of blog topics
the 1st one really is not as nonsensical as the others, and personally i think that it shows my more philosphical side
its all about a quote which i came across in english
"Then wear the gold hat, if that will move her;if you can bounce high, bounce for her too,Till she cry "Lover, gold-hatted, high-bouncing lover,I must have you!" possibly my most favourite quote of all time, and the only worthwhile thing i've come across in VCE English Unit 1
i dont really know why i love that quote, but whenever i think about it, it gives me a nice feeling inside. gay? hell no. romantic? probably. awesome? hell yeah
to those ive explained the whole "what-comes-out-of-my-mouth" thing to, this is one of the few things which i consider to fall under that one 12th which comprises of what normal people talk like. in detail, its about a third of that 12th which is the deep stuff that i say. most of these moments seem really emo to me, although this quote is so totally un-emo, so yeah, its special to me.
in a very serious statement, i have a feeling that its gonna work its way into life-changing moments, i.e proposals, vows, wills and the such.
so yeah, i just realised how sad it is that i post a really serious thing(well, to me, anyways) on a blog online, then i, thats what everyone else does
good on ya for reading this-be thankful, because i dont think its longer that the last 2 posts
fare the well

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Asian stereotypes

right, so there i was, sitting at lunch today, with my guardian and a few of her friends, n one of them asks me about boarding life...this eventualy leads on to food and the inevitable question i seem to get asked by every single asian person i meet
do they serve much asian food?
seriously, it actually kills a part of me inside when someone asks that. i mean, sure, im asian, your asian, therefore we eat asian food together was probably right, about yknow, 50 years ago, but now its remarks like that that just make me feel so alienised from todays current society where races arnet (yet still are, i know subconciously) supposed to be that important, i mean, i know heaps of non-oriental people who probably like asian food more than i do.
im not tryin to say im racist or un-asian or anything (believe me, im all for asian-pride (AZN betta recognise)) but still, i do think that enough is enough
i do eat asian food, and occasionally i do enjoy it, but that doesnt mean its all i eat and that without it i die.
and people who just further the stereotype just piss me off
like, william hung
or that other asian guy on american idol who sung that brothers song to simon
or how today i met someone who actually pronounced their Ls as Rs
no offence to anybody is meant here, but im sorry, but i hate people in westernised countries such as america/australia who cannot speak english. if its just for a holiday, then sure, go ahead, cos everybody goes into foreign countries not knowing what half the signs say, but do NOT live there. you cant live in a place you cant speak the language of
this may just be because personally, (once again, not offending anyone, hopefully) i do not particularly like the chinese language. its loud, sharp, and just makes me annoyed when i hear like, more than 4 people talking it at the same time.
needless to say, i dont like chinatowns.
i apologise if anyone hates me now and will somehow incorporate an apology into a later post if anyone wants one

back onto weird things that came into my head
i find it strange how the relationship between a child and his/her parent can be so unnatural. like normally, the parent has control, and does control (mostly with some leeway) what the child does
yet i meet some dreg of a kid today (year 11) who actually had his parents write his school notes out of a book for him. that set me thinking as to how the relationship between a kid and his/her parents can go both ways, although lets face it-they brought you into the world, you gotta give them some credit and respect

final topic of the blog? tuition kids
if theyre retards, then go ahead, tutor the shit through them, but i pity the kids, who are top of their class, guaranteed to succeed in life, and yet have a non-existant social life because every other hour they're not in school, their having a tuition organised by their over-protective, worried parents. give your kid some space please, because they may have book smarts, but theyre not gonna have street smarts if you keep them off the streets and in the books.

and thats my rant for the day
will probs post tomoro (mayb not cos i hav a psych exam on tuesday) on one of the other like, 20 ideas i got
ciao (im still thinking..give it some time)

just a heads up

yeah, today was really boring, and ironically, my mind is most imaginative when im bored, so yeah, apart from this recurring daydream, i decided to write all possible blogging topics that came to me that i actually feel that i can write about. yeah, im going hardcore on this whole blogging thing.
anyways, i got like, heaps, n im gonna probs release them daily unless gay internet at school doesnt let me
so yeah, 1st one coming up soonish

Saturday, June 7, 2008

blog-suit up

right, so ive finally made one-a few years ago, i thought only nerds and weirdos made blogs
now i see i was right
its actually really hard to make a blog, cos i struggled with a lot
to put my real name or not?
what should i name it?
now that ive named it, what should i use as a http thingy?(seriously, like everything was taken, n i thought of puttin black in the thing, cos i love black(dont judge me, i swear im not emo...mostly(hah, i just used triple brackets) i would probably say 32% emo at times)though i didnt want to use black, cos then people would look at it and go oh, another emo blog and ignore it(by the way (yes, more brackets) if you actually read this and made sense of all th brackets, gratz)
n then the profile layout-i am in no way creative enough to make my own, n once again, i didnt want to go black (even though it looked mega-awesome) cos of the whole emo thing again, so yeah
anyways, on to the blogging
holy crap, i spent all day watching 8 simple rules and playing pokemon on my laptop (which is really sad actually, cos after 4 hours playing, i loaded instead of saving and lost everything) instead of studying for psychology, which i guess isnt too bad, although im gonna b at my guardians friends beach house (why we go to a beach house in summer is beyond me really) so study time is gone for then too.
i guess i'll have to on monday...hopefully
and then it'll b back to the boardo: for those of you who dont know me too well/at all, yeah, i live in a boarding house in scotch college in melbourne. its cool. not much to say really.
anyways, after exam on tuesday, back to the boardo 4 3 days of holiday then a 3 hour GAT (which i can legally walk out of after 90 minutes so im told) then a 3 hour rehersal then a weekend n then back to school again...gah.
now that i think of it, my lifes actually pretty busy

i always seem to feel that 32% emo consume me when its past midnight, i dont know why
sitting on a really uncomfortable futon in a basement (at guardians-dont think wrong of them, theyre great people, just that they dont have much space in their current temporary house) just seems to make me start thinking about things. a lot
what if i had done this thing different instead of doing what i did?
things like that really bug me
freakin destiny
also, random-as-hell things enter my head sometimes, like what if there was a hostage situation in exams? or other things. think JD from scrubs...that happens a lot (except for the random after-daydream moment, cos most of the time, they seem really unappropriate)

theres this totally awesome quote which we went over in english which i really want to write right now, but then i wont have any material for next time

Im goin to bed now (well, not going to bed cos technically im already lying on a bed/sofa, but yknow, just gonna start to wind down) cos i hav to wake up at 10 tomoro
wow, i just realised how when writing, a lot of stuff can just come to your fingers-so yeah, i slept for 12 hours last night and it felt nice. first time ive slept for more than 7 hours since....a long time. i still have yet to sleep before midnight this term i think. oh well
they turned off the internet in the boarding house past 11, so for the next 3 weeks, my posts will seem really non-interesting, as i'll have to base them off small notes i write to myself on things that i think about past midnight
either that or they'll be non-existant because of gay scotch internet
although im going to take the time now to just clear things up: THE BOARDING HOUSE(or at least my one) COMMUNITY IS NOT GAY...except for the time my roomate had his ass spanked bcoz he lost a bet....or the time my roomate streaked round the bh(boarding house-get used to it) cos he got paid like, 80$ or the time he...well, actually im just digging myself into a hole here-so:point im trying to make: BH=NOT GAY

anyways, i gotta stop typing before something else pops (hehe...i mistyped poop instead of pop the 1st time) into my head
so yeah, gnite all...or good morning to those reading it in the morning..ah screw it
write again soon(hopefully)
but for now,
peace out(i'll think of a better closing remark soon)
(P.s: thanks for coping with the brackets-i use a lot of them and i can see how it can be hella confusing)

and now i realise you can use fonts....Brilliant